A lifelong resident of Muskogee, George Faught is one of us!
George’s family moved to Muskogee when he was less than a year old. Raised in the country where his family operated a dairy farm, those early years impressed on George the value of hard work, the importance of responsibility, and a heart for serving others. For more than 50 years, he has lived out these principles within District 14 – where he chose to live, work and raise his family. Because this is his home, he has a vested interest in seeing our district prosper. He shares our conservative, common sense, traditional values. George Faught is one of us!


A devoted family man and committed Christian, George Faught values his faith and his family above all else.
George and Becky, his wife of 34 years, have three grown children, two lovely daughters-in-law and two precious new granddaughters. Understanding the awesome responsibility of  fatherood, George made every effort to instill character and values into the lives of his kids. Now, as a new grandpa, he hopes to influence his grandchildren in the same way. Providing opportunities for their future is one of the most motivating factors for George in his efforts at the State Capitol. George knows that commitment begins at home, and that strong faith and loving families are the cornerstone of society, and must be protected.


A respected small business owner, George Faught knows about hard work and doing the job right.
For the past nearly 30 years, George and his family have built a successful carpet cleaning and disaster restoration business in Muskogee. By working hard and providing clients with the very best job, he has earned the loyalty and trust of thousands of customers throughout eastern Oklahoma. George understands what it means to live within a budget, and how to stretch every dollar. He knows first-hand how burdensome government regulations harm small businesses. Being self-employed has given George a wealth of real-life experience that is desperately needed in government today.


A true ‘Citizen Legislator’, George Faught has a proven conservative record and is prepared to lead.
As the first Republican in state history elected to represent his heavily Democratic district, George has garnered strong bi-partisan support because people know he is a man of his word and a leader with integrity. Over his four terms in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, George has proven he’s willing to make the tough decisions, stand alone and do what is best for his constituents. He will be accountable to us, not powerful special interest groups. At this critical time Oklahoma needs his common sense and integrity to help guide the direction of our future. George isn’t about politics - he’s about principles and priorities. He will continue to fight for us in Oklahoma City!

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